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The Automatic Trip Gate is a device that can be used to protect a dam, levee, canal embankment or other hydraulic structure from failure due to erosion from overtopping. The device is failsafe. It will trip when the water level reaches a predetermined point by overtopping the gate and partially filling the trough. The gate is not dependent on any electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic controls.

The first installation was four gates designed to pass 600 cfs at a small hydroelectric plant. The plant features an existing synchronous bypass flume equipped with motors and controls designed to open 2 small radial gates. The Automatic Trip Gates were provided to pass established flow if the powerhouse shut down and the synchronous bypass failed. See Page 4 for additional detail on this initial installation.

The gate(s) can also be used as flash boards to safely raise the water level at an open weir or lowered embankment, thereby increasing the storage volume in an impoundment. The gate(s) can be supplied in various sizes and multiples as shown in the sketch below.

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The photo on the cover shows the Automatic Trip Gate during initial testing. One gate has tripped and canal water is beginning to rise to trip the next gate. Representatives of the Developer, the Irrigation Districts, Bureau of Reclamation and Idaho Power Company were present. The photo also shows a portion of the intake for the existing flume.





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