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The 1.6 Mw Mora Drop Hydroelectric Plant (at left) includes an intake drawing water f rom the upper Mora Canal and a penstock and power plant discharging water into the lower Mora Canal. The existing flume intake includes two radial gates with motors and controls. This flume is used as the synchronous bypass when the power plant shuts down. The 4 Automatic Trip Gates, collection basin and overflow pipe are the back- up devices which bypasses flow if the synchronous by-pass fails. Total plant flow is 600 cfs.

During initial testing total plant flow was 400 cfs. The turbine shut down and the synchronous bypass was disabled. Water in the upper Mora Canal slowly rose and overtopped the upstream plate and partially filled the trough . When the gate tripped, as shown on the cover photo, the water level in the canal dropped slightly; then it rose and tipped the second gate. The third gate was close to tipping but did not because tot al flow was only 400 cfs (Each gate passes 150 cfs when tripped).

The tripping test is repeated annually, and this is the recommended practice. The customer is responsible for design and construction of the gate supports, plunge pool and inlet and outlet channels. These channels must be large enough to avoid restricting the incoming flow, or backing up flow in the outlet. The gate outlet channel can be an open spillway or a collecting basin and pipe.





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